Create a Halloween Bubbling Witches Cauldron Using Clear Ornaments!

Use my tips to create a light-up witches cauldron with bubbles for spooky yet fun Halloween decor. 

halloween cauldron next to a halloween skeleton

Here’s a clever and easy Halloween DIY project to consider!

If you love making your own Halloween decor, try creating a glowing witches bubbling cauldron to display on the big night. This craft idea using clear Christmas ornaments for a fun bubble effect has been trending online and I was super excited to create one.

I love that the DIY cauldron is honestly very simple to put together using hot glue to stack the ornaments. The LED fairy lights add a whole level of witchy fun!

goodwill halloween items on store shelf

Grab a Halloween witch cauldron and let’s GO!

I was lucky enough to snag a large cauldron at my local thrift store for a few dollars. I highly suggest checking out yours for cheap seasonal decor items!

If you can’t find one, check out this similar-sized cauldron serving bowl from for just $10!

witches cauldron craft supplies

floral disk painted black

hot gluing clear ornaments to each otherhot gluing clear ornaments to a cauldron for halloween

black plastic cauldron with clear ornaments

adding a bowl to witches cauldron

weaving fairy lights in diy cauldron

witch cauldron finished with fairy lights on

DIY Halloween Witches Cauldron




Spray paint the floral disk black. This is likely optional, I just didn’t want the green to show.


Add packing paper inside the cauldron to create height. Lay the foam circle to the top.


Glue the largest four ornaments to the foam in a circle, with the ends facing the middle. Remove the silver end of the ornament first.


Continue layering with the middle-size ornaments and then the smaller size. Glue the ornaments to each other and not the cauldron so you can remove them if desired. Glue some ornaments so they are trailing off to one side.


Tie the bow around the cauldron.


Weave the fairy lights carefully around the ornaments including the side “bubbles”. Leave the battery pack out so it faces the back in order to turn the lights on and off.

Check out how Lina made this bubbling cauldron on YouTube!

Extra tips for making this DIY witches bubbling cauldron:

  • I used a floral foam disk to glue the balls to and it worked out well. You could maybe figure out another similar-shaped object. The ornaments are actually all glued to the foam and to each other, not the cauldron.
  • The LED fairy lights I used are warm lights, but you can pick other colored lights if desired! They are easy to weave around the ornaments for a cool lighting effect.
  • I opted for the clear ball ornaments from Hobby Lobby as they were easiest to source in-store while on sale. I have seen lots of variations of this project using the iridescent ball ornaments which also look so neat.

diy witches cauldron craft next to a skeleton
This DIY witches cauldron makes a big impact for such an easy project!

I love how cute this turned out. It looks spooky but not exactly scary, and perfect to display at Halloween. My family was super impressed with it, and my bubbling cauldron didn’t take a bunch of time to create. If you’ve been considering this project, I say go for it!

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