3 Easy DIY Painting Ideas Anyone Can Do (NO Artistic Skills Required!)

You DON’T need to be an artist to do these easy painting ideas!

3 canvas paintings in a pile

Spruce up your space with some DIY art. 

Forget spending hundreds on ‘contemporary’ art. You can create three eye-catching paintings using 5 items or less and you DON’T need any prior painting experience or skill.

Best of all, you can fill up those empty walls with your new masterpieces or give them as gifts for the upcoming holidays – you can’t put a price on handmade art. 🤍

geometric lines painting above bed

What is the best beginner easy painting?

It doesn’t get any easier than painter’s tape and straight lines, folks! 😅 The most difficult problem you’ll have with this DIY geometric painting is choosing your favorite colors!

blue painters tape on canvas

I was going for minimalist and earthy with my color palette so this is a really easy pattern to follow. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can also use other materials around the house to create different shapes – like a Tupperware lid for a circle.

Need some inspiration? 

See if you can recreate these tape art designs for your masterpiece.

different blue painters tape designs

scrape art painting next to word art

Have you seen the viral ‘satisfying’ scrape art trend? 

I had so many of these TikToks saved, but now I’m beating myself up for not trying this easy painting idea sooner! 😍 Dripping the paint is so much fun and truly satisfying, plus it takes ZERO skill to drip paint.

When I say it’s so easy a kid could do it, I mean I tried it with my kiddos and they had a blast 😆

And I am OBSESSED with how this one turned out.

before and after of viral scrape art

Tips before doing your own scrape art:

  • Ensure that your paint does not extend past the length of your squeegee. ie. If you’re using a 10″ squeegee, your design should only be 10″ across.
  • Be sure that you have something underneath the canvas to catch the dripped paint (I used an old bed sheet) – it will be quite a bit!
  • Prepare to do one, smooth, steady stroke without pausing.
    *For the best results use canvas, not paper. 

two wavy retro lines canvas art

This easy painting idea uses just TWO colors!

I first shared about recreating this wavy art piece for my kids’ bathroom on Takeover Tuesday and it’s still one of my favorite pieces.

I couldn’t believe that similar canvases start at $100 or more on one of my favorite art websites, Society6. This one cost me under $5 and took less than 2 hours to make 😱!

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groovy lines art painting

This time around I wanted to show that just because something is ‘retro’ doesn’t mean you have to choose funky colors. If you like a more muted palette, go for it! I also chose to use both thick, bold lines and thinner ones, instead of uniform like my original painting, and it turned out great both times.

Besides freehanding the waves, you can’t go wrong with this painting idea!

woman hanging canvas on wall

Anything can be considered art, but nothing beats the value of proudly hanging (or gifting) your own handmade masterpiece. 🤍

3 Easy DIY Paintings




Geometric Abstract Painting

  1. Stretch painter’s tape across canvas and wrap ends around the back to secure. Place as many or as few strips of tape as you’d like.
  2. Paint each section and let dry.
  3. Once dry completely, remove tape.


Scrape Art Painting

  1. Pour drops of paint onto the canvas– you may do circles, lines, swirls, alternate colors to create a pattern, GO CRAZY here!*Just be sure that your design does not extend the length of your squeegee.
  2. Once satisfied with your design, take the window squeegee and start at the top of the canvas. Firmly scrape all the way down the length of the canvas in one, long stroke until the excess paint drips off the edge.


Wavy Retro Lines Painting

  1. Paint the entire canvas one color and let dry completely.
  2. Using a 1/2″ paintbrush or larger, freehand paint gentle ‘waves’ all over the canvas. You do not need to do continuous strokes here. You may pick up your paintbrush to gather more paint as needed.*For the best result, go over lines 2-3 times to darken and smooth.

three canvas on ground

Let us know if you tried any of these easy painting ideas! ❤️

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