Make a Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Skeleton Charcuterie Board!

Save money and make your own trendy coffin-shaped skeleton charcuterie board that’s perfect for Halloween entertaining.

stained coffin board with skeleton shapes

Here’s a budget-friendly Halloween craft idea that’s to die for! 💀

Consider turning an ordinary wood cutting board into a fun skeleton charcuterie board with just paint and dollar-store skeleton pieces. The steps include first reshaping and staining the cutting board to look like a coffin. Then, paint and attach the skeleton pieces.

pottery barn DIY coffin skeleton cheeseboard

What a perfect Halloween platter to use for a party. You can build a delicious charcuterie board with cheese and crackers, or serve up some scary sweet treats!

pottery barn coffin skeleton board

The results are scary GOOD, and look so similar to this spendy Pottery Barn tray!

Pottery Barn always has some of the cutest and most stylish seasonal decor including Halloween. Most of the items are pretty spendy though. For instance, this tray is $99.

As soon as I saw the photo above, I was inspired to come up with my own less expensive DIY version for my home this year. My supplies were under $25 since I am repurposing an old cutting board from Ikea.

diy skeleton serving board supplies

spray painting dollar store skeleton

circular saw reshaping a cutting board

filling holes on the sides with wood putty

staining a wood shaped board

coffin shaped cutting board drying on a boxgluing painted skeleton hands to cutting board

finished DIY Pottery Barn dupe skeleton tray

skeleton coffin shaped charcuterie board craft

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Skeleton Charcuterie Board




Spray paint the skeleton pieces and let it dry.


Cut the wooden board into the shape of a coffin. I drew my lines in pencil on the board and then we cut it using a circular saw. if there are holes on the side or uneven spots, use wood putty to smooth any areas or cracks. Let dry and sand smooth.


Stain the wood board on all sides, and let it dry.


Use a heavy-duty glue like e6000 to apply the head and hands. I reversed the board to have the bottom be the top as that side was smooth without a lip. Note: I cut the hands at an angle to have them point to the side. It helped to use masking tape to stabilize them while drying.


Let completely dry and then use your board for Halloween snacks. Hand wash only, carefully.

Extra tips for making this fun Halloween cheese board:

  • Before buying a wood board look around the house and see if you have one on hand to repurpose like I did. Consider visiting a local thrift store to check for inexpensive options.
  • Don’t feel like cutting and staining wood? I spotted some wood coffin serving tray options on that could work instead! Or, Target just released a coffin-shaped serving tray that might work, too!
  • The most challenging part of this project was getting the skeleton hands to stick. I used masking tape to stabilize from the outside while it dried, and that was helpful.

woman holding a DIY cutting board pottery barn tray

This Halloween platter may be one of my favorite DIY projects yet!

The stain is honestly so pretty and the whole thing gives a higher-end vibe. What a unique piece. I can’t wait to use this for a Halloween party! I wasn’t sure how my idea would turn out at times, but am excited and proud of this.

If you make one for yourself let us know!

Want more Halloween snacking inspiration? Check this board out!

halloween charcuterie

The beauty of this Halloween snack board is that it can be done at any price point and can be customized with goodies your crew will enjoy! Like these ideas shown above? Be sure to check out all the ingredients and the directions to compile it on my post from last year.

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