Make Your Own Frozen Dog Treats Using Just One Ingredient!

To make frozen dog treats, all you need is broth and a silicone mold!

diy frozen dog treats

Spoil your favorite furry friend with homemade frozen dog treats!

Did you know you can make your own DIY frozen dog treats, or adorably known as “Pupsicles,” using just one ingredient?! Yep! Just make or buy pet-safe chicken broth (and grab some silicone molds with dog-related shapes – optional, but fun!), and you’ll be on your way to making refreshing treats for your pup.

frozen dog treats coming out of silicone mold

What kind of chicken broth is best for frozen dog treats? 

Most grocery store brands of broth have added sodium, garlic, and onions that can be harmful or toxic to pets. Even though it would be a small amount of onion, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry. As always you’d want to consult with your vet first if you have questions on that.

chicken broth dog treats

I was able to find Nulo chicken broth easily at my local pet store and it’s also available on It’s a high-quality bone broth that is safe for both cats and dogs and is made in the USA.

As another option, you can definitely make your own broth by boiling leftover chicken bones, though you’ll just want to not use salt or onions when doing so. You can boil and simmer the chicken with ingredients like carrots, apple cider vinegar, parsley, and celery.

filling dog treat molds with broth

How to make frozen dog treats (using just one ingredient!):

  • Keep your treats in a container with a lid in the freezer. They will last for around three months or so when kept frozen.
  • Another fun idea for a frozen treat would be to fill up your dog’s Kong toy with the broth and freeze it! Then they can lick it up as it melts.

freezer with diy dog treats

taking out diy frozen dog treats

one ingredient frozen dog treats in a container

woman with two dogs and homemade treats

dog eating homemade frozen treat

holding a chicken broth frozen treat

These DIY frozen dog treats are so fun and easy to make!

Instead of the store-bought Frosty Paws that I was buying, I switched to these. Our dogs Chewy and Louie definitely think these DIY doggie treats are “paw-fection”!  I hope your beloved pups love them too!

frozen pumpkin dog treats

You can use your blender to create various dog treats too!

As another frozen treat idea, I used my blender to quickly blend together a banana, 1/4 cup of pure pumpkin purée, and a little leftover broth to create another version of frozen treats for my dogs. Plus, I just used the same silicone molds. They gave them two paws up and it was easy peasy! 🐾

frozen dog treats using banana and pumpkin

Do you make your own dog treats? Let us know in the comments what your pets love! 

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