DIY School Supply Cake | Fun & Unique Teacher Gift Idea!

Show an educator your appreciation with this creative “teacher cake.” It’s a DIY school supply “cake” that is sure to get a smile!

DIY school supply "cake" on table

No eating this teacher cake! 

Are you looking for a creative way to donate school supplies to a deserving teacher and/or school? Help your favorite teacher stock up with this creative school supply cake! With the back-to-school season around the corner, this fun and easy-to-make tiered “cake” is the perfect present to give to a teacher you appreciate. It also makes a thoughtful gift for recent graduates who are going into their first year of teaching!

It’s easy to get started. Use your school supply list to find the materials your teacher will need. The best part is you can use the school supplies you already have on hand (as I did in my example), or you can use whatever you find on sale.

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school supplies for teacher gifts

School will be back in session before you know it! 📚✏️

It’s important we help teachers know how much we support them in making their classrooms safe and healthy zones while also being fun! We know that teachers already invest so much into creating the perfect classroom for their students, so this “teacher cake”, consisting of all the tools that would be on a school supplies list, is such a thoughtful gift to make and super useful too!

You can switch up the supplies to whatever is most needed for your classroom, specifically. Just use our model as an example and create a “school supply cake” that makes the best sense for your kiddo’s school! I used 24-count boxes of Crayola Crayons, Elmer’s School Glue, Kid Scissors, Sharpie Markers, Hand Sanitizer Bottles, and Disinfectant Wipes Container.

Did I mention this “school supply cake” is super easy to create?

This teacher supply cake is a breeze to make! For the base of the cake, you can use round papier-mâché boxes with lids (available at Hobby Lobby or Amazon). Then, use some mounting tape, rubber bands, and ribbon to help secure your school supplies.

Ready to make your own? Follow the picture tutorial and/or use the written direction below!

painting boxed with black paint

Crayola crayons packs attached to box with rubber bands

Sharpie markers attached to box with rubber bands

putting ribbon around Elmer's glue bottles

putting ribbon around school supply "cake"

DIY School Supply "cake"

DIY School Supply "Cake"




Paint the boxes, if desired, and let dry.


Place two rubber bands around the middle of the largest bottom box and then place desired school supplies around the edges (under the rubber bands). I used 11 24-count boxes of Crayola crayons to cover the bottom box.


Stack and attach the middlebox using heavy-duty mounting tape, and repeat the steps using rubber bands to hold school supplies. I used 13 bottles of Elmer’s School Glue to cover the middle layer, and stuck in a few pairs of kid scissors as a fun accent.


Repeat the same steps with the top box. It took me 49 Colorful Sharpie Markers to cover the top box, but you could also use highlighters, #2 pencils, dry erase markers, or any other school supply, really! Note: I decided not to use the lid for the top tier so it could hold the wipes and hand sanitizer inside instead.


Lastly, cover the rubber bands with decorative tape or ribbon.That’s it!

School Supplies Tower Gift

This “school supply cake” for teachers is just way too cute!

School supplies are appreciated by all teachers, and this is such a fun and festive way to present all the goodies! I hope you’ll give this school supply cake a shot, too. The teachers in your life are sure to appreciate it! Plus, the presentation will blow everyone away!

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